human relations are the base for life and the continuing of our species. also, they are a mystery as every person is an individual and all relations are unique an a living process each by itself. as there are a minimum of two persons involved, human relationships are unpredictable, yet they are essential and source of our greatest joy, desire and passion. on the other hand, we learn through those human connections and many times this happens through painful experiences. with this work, together with the audience, i explore the qualities of this living processes, unpredictability, the sensitive dynamics and constant changes occurring within human relationships.

into an empty art space, i carry a large piece of red fabric . successively, i start wrapping myself and people from the audience into the elastic fabric, provoking an experimental, interactive process of connecting, disconnecting and reconnecting. 


 flesh lab. bahnhof e. V. ottersberg/ bremen, germany 2019
curated by toni erhardt