Human race developed about two million years ago on the African continent spreading successively over the planet, according to our current state of knowledge…

Six women originating from five continents in white dresses carry pink and white silk cords around their bellies, their extremes are tied together. connected like this the women start walking, forming a procession through the crowds on the streets of Jamestown, Accra towards the exhibition space, an urban public space. The last one in a row carries a bowl on her head containing an uterus of vaccine origin. at the venue they would gather in a circular setting. They adorn the ground with beads and place their cords on it, as well as an animal skin and the uterus on the top. The women lay down on the ground in embryo-like position forming a geometric constellation. after a while they sit up starting to cut pieces from their dresses and tie them together, creating another connecting bond between their bodies at the height of their hearts.

Chale Wote Festival, Accra Dot Alt. Accra, Ghana 2018.
Curated by Kwame Boafo.
Collaboration with: Yvette Tetteh, Theresah Ankomah, Barbara Siebenlist Palomar, Marcia Long, Daniela Fernández Etznab.
cotton, silk, beads/glass, uterus (cow), leather (goat)
Photography: Suleiman Oluwatomiwa, Abdul Arafat, Accra Dot Alt