This piece refers to our current border regimes having profound impacts on our lives up to the most privat aspects as our skin we are inhabiting inescapably. Our physical origin can play in or against our favour, depending body and contexts… In these days, in my natural environment I sadly witness a new rise of a certain of racism and judgmental differentiation on human body related to skin colours and related and fed by the media, related to refugee business, politics and public finances. Individuals descending from every part of the world seem to be present in my natural environment in this city, which once, not long time ago was as good as empty as a consequence of the political division of the own nation entering into the cold war. No, as a consequence, quickly, a particular and multi-faceted fusion of people is presently inhabiting this city — actual global interrelationships, politics and economic relationships and finance streams also contribute as well as ignorance and over-identification with racist heritage which was constructed non long time ago and committed by the westerners in a broad sense, also by the Germans, who do not like to talk about their colonial past and related present, at all.

Individuals descending from six continents, actually all living currently in Berlin, gather to execute this work– Four of them would wrap two of them, of bodies as most as different as possible, into bandages signalizing the interconnectedness of the whole human race who definitely shares more than dividing  factors. The wrapped individuals here are a woman (West European) and a man (Caribbean) —happening in Berlin, in this sense this project also addresses the unspoken colonial past of the of my own native context.

Glogau-AIR, Berlin, Germany
Curated by Susanna Hanna & Zaida Guerrero Casado 2017