thermic blankets were designed to safe lives by counterbalancing extreme temperatures, providing two sides, opposing to low or rather high climatic influences.

here, the effect is inverted: my body is entirely wrapped with a thermic blanket, except of my lower legs and feet. on a hot summer day, i sit at a quay in venice for one and a half hour. the golden, surface of the blanket is turned outward. this causes my body temperature to increase —and simultaneously draws an image alluding to a stereotype of catastrophe victims whom we are inevitably used to watch in the mass mass media, on a frequent basis. in this present time and specific region, particularly read as a “refugee” by the most. the dysfunctional directing of forces reflects to the same mechanisms operated in our societies resulting in non-ethical, non-ecological non-beneficial constellations. the abstraction, including its variety of meaning,  symbolizes the paradox of “invisibilization” caused by over-stimulation through mass media information guiding the masses to generalization, categorization in stereotypes and absent-mindedness.  

DEC Darsena, Venice, Italy 2016
Curated by Claudio Piscopo & Valentina Lacinio
Commissioned & produced by Galleria Massimodeluca, Venice, Italy 2016
Photography: Stefano Cozzi, Ana Blagojevic